Raphael Philip Rosen

[URL] raphaelprosen.com
[email] raphael@raphaelprosen.com
[phone] 415.317.6203

I am a technical writer, copywriter, and marketing strategist. I specialize in science and science-related topics (including health and medicine) but my skills transfer to the sales, marketing, and corporate worlds. Contact me if you need an expert to translate dense information into prose that the public can easily understand, or if you need someone to produce crisp copy in a short amount of time.

As for my past clients, I have written for the Wall Street Journal, NASA, the World Science Festival, Space.com, EARTH, Discover, Sky & Telescope, Scholastic Science World, the American Technion Society, SciArt in America, TheFix.com, the Encyclopedia of Life, Princeton University, and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. I've also written a children's book about outer space.

Follow me on Twitter at @raphaelrosen22.

And, buy my book: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/space-kidsbooks/1112492844?ean=9781588657152

 My Space Book   http://bit.ly/RH3mII