Raphael Philip Rosen

[URL] raphaelprosen.com
[email] raphael@raphaelprosen.com
[phone] 415.317.6203

I am an independent communications consultant and social media strategist based in New York City, and I'm interested in communications for start-ups, tech and biotech companies, medical communications agencies, research institutes, museums, and other educational institutions. I have written for the Wall Street Journal, NASA, the World Science Festival, Space.com, EARTH, Discover, Sky & Telescope, Scholastic Science World, the American Technion Society, SciArt in America, TheFix.com, the Encyclopedia of Life, Princeton University, and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. I've also written a children's book about outer space. Whether the topic is neutrinos or NORAD, comets or catheters, I can translate dense jargon into easily understandable prose, and I love what I do.

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And, buy my book: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/space-kidsbooks/1112492844?ean=9781588657152

 My Space Book   http://bit.ly/RH3mII